What is Bizimkiler?

It is simply a "local products market", in which there are various flavors from every corner of the world and where freshness and naturalness come to the fore.

In Bizimkiler, you will find healthy snacks that are an alternative to overly sugar and fatty snacks.

In addition to offering these products to people living in Switzerland who miss homeland flavors, it is among our main goals to introduce the tastes of the world to the Swiss people.

On the other hand, the difficulties experienced by the farmers and producers and their inability to receive their labor is a problem that has been expressed for years. Bizimkiler also take responsibility for this issue and have projects such as direct contact with the producer, direct purchasing from the farmer, helping farmers gain international certificates (BIO, FairTrade, etc.). Currently, a certain part of the products you will find in our store are purchased directly from the manufacturer and delivered to you, and it is one of our important goals to increase this rate continuously. In this way, it is aimed to increase the quality of life of the producer, while it is aimed for our customers to consume more consciously.

We are aware that responding positively to environmental awareness that has increased in recent years is our responsibility to future generations, and within this framework, we will package and distribute our products with an environmentally friendly mindset. 

In the SINGA Entrepreneurship course, in which the Bizimkiler Project participated, was awarded the jury special award in 2020 due to its sensitivities and goals mentioned above. This award is important in terms of motivating us and appreciating our work, but our biggest reward will be the smile we leave on the faces of our customers who consume our products.